Development News

Look and feel

We're working on improving the design and user-friendliness of the interface.


We just added a documentation section. It's a bit bare right now, but will definitely fill up over time.

Screen diagrams

A better and easier way to understand your visitors screen sizes. See the blog post for more details.

Screen sizes interface improvements

Made some tweaks to the look and feel of the screen sizes breakdown to improve readability.

Visits breakdowns

Just getting started with the visits breakdown; more time ranges and detail should be coming shortly.

Custom stylesheet URLs

Fancy some custom branding or styling? Good news; you can now set a URL for a custom stylesheet to be included!

Sharing and frequencies

Frequency breakdowns help you understand how frequently users visit.

We're just getting started with sharing features. The first of these are one-click links. Share these with people to give them easy read-only access to stats for a site. We've even included a handy WordPress snippet to quickly and easily integrate these into the admin.


You can create and delete admin users in your accounts. Limited users and sharing functionality are coming soon!

Domain restrictions

You can now set domain restrictions in your site settings.

We've also tweaked part of our internal tracking system which will likely result in diverging tracking stats for pages and referrers. Sorry for the inconvenience! This shouldn't need to happen again going forward.

Improved New vs. Repeat and dashboard updates

There's a new chart on the New vs. Repeat screen to show trends in traffic over the past month. We've also made some little tweaks and additions to the main and site dashboards.

Introducing New vs. Repeat

We just added the handy New vs. Repeat screen to help you better understand the behavior of your traffic.

Entries and exits

Get better insight into where your traffic arrives and where your traffic leaves.